The first training workshop of HR4Asia Project was successfully held at Prince of Songkla University from November 1 to 3, 2017.

There were nearly 30 participants joining in the training course including: senior leaders and senior staff specializing in human resource management at Asian partners. Each partner had 3 participants. The host institution which was in charge of setting up this training program was University of Évora, Portugal. Project Management Board of the Project as well as other European partners were also in involved in designing the training program.

The content of the training course consists of two parts: “Introduction about basic issues relating to human resource strategy development” and “group discussion to apply theoretical foundation into reality at Asian universities”. Prof. Paulo da Silva presented about the basic issues in building human resource strategy, including: Human Resources Management, Strategy, Mission, Design, Strategic Planning, Human Resources Practices and Policies, Tools of Strategic Planning, Governance and Organizational / University (Corporate) Strategy, University in a Changing World, … Participants joining in this workshop shared their challenges and experiences in human resource management at each partner as well as solutions to improve the quality of human resource management. All groups discussed to determine the vision, mission, essential values, goals of each university and Human Resource Management at each school.The participants will continue to complete the strategic planning of human resources for each school and discuss to take part in the second training program that will be held at National University of Laos from January 11 to 13, 2018.