The Third HR4Asia Roundtable initiated by the Erasmus Plus was organized on March 6, 2019 as a consecutive focus group meeting of the Second Roundtable on Thammasat University Human Resources Transform hosted by Associate Professor Kammal Kumar Pawa, the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Administration, Thammasat Univesity (TU).  The main purpose was to gather ideas, expert opinion and feedback from both TU and private university and relevant TU HR staff members, including Professor Dr. Amporn Tamronglak, TU HR4Asia Coordinator, Professor Dr. Jamnean Joungtrakul, HR expert, Assistant Prof. Supachai Srisuchart, PhD., Director of ICEHR, Assistant Prof. Santhanee Khruakhorn,PhD., Vice Director for Social Service of ICEHR,  Ms.Chanticha Sriyodhin, General Secretary of ICEHR, Mrs. Supin Hirunyawasit, Director of Human Resource and Legal Management Office, Mrs. Nucharin chalooddong, Acting Director of HR Division,  Miss Sarinya Suwanwanich, Acting Head of Human Resources Planning and Information Section, Miss Surussawadee Artnonla, Acting Head of Human Resources Development Section,  Miss Junpatsorn  Tuisima, Computer Technical Officer, Mr.Chinakit Kongchareonporn, Acting Head of Research and Academic Section of ICEHR and other HR staff.

A total of 25 persons attended the meeting. Vice-Rector for HR presented the proposal of performance evaluation for TU support staff, particularly on “functional competency”. A wide discussion among the delegates has given useful comments and recommendations for further adjustments.  It was all agreed by all that the performance evaluation should comprise of two major elements: 1) work achievements/performance and functional competency and 2) behavioral assessments.  The ratio between two components is 70:30 percent respectively. At the meeting, it was mostly preferred that when the evaluation results to be applied in practice, each person needs to gain a minimum of 70 percent from each elements in order to pass the evaluation.  If for certain reason, he or she does not pass any part of the performance achievement, the punishments will be enforced accordingly.  This brainstorming discussion is not the final conclusion of the new performance evaluation.  A few more focus group meeting are to follow, to receive feedback from all parties involved. Professor Kammal also met with all TU management on March 5, 2019 and TU Staff Council on March 20, 2019 recently. In the end, he plans to get approval from the TU Council and use the new evaluation system this year, if possible.